Cities Memories- Circle of Seeds

Cities Memories – Seed Circle uses the principle of the creative city and the world as a creative concept that seeks polycentric centrality through the “baroque ethos” (António Velleriani, Multiversum Team-Italy) and Southern epistemology. It is part of the individual and unrepeatable essentials of the experience of each human being, in order to recognize their contributions to the creation of a collective, emancipatory and solidarity dimension in action. It is based on a proposal based on the recognition of differences based on the metaphors of the frontier and of mestizaje as symbolic categories in the search for a southern epistemology (Frank Cassano).

Southern epistemology seeks the co-construction of knowledge and the sharing of knowledge to achieve a “Cognitive Justice.” The world-city is a metaphorical place of creation of life potency that can radiate and contaminate the continuous spaces in rhizomatic processes.

It assumes as inspiration the experience on the cultural politics for the diversity, in particular the experience of Memory Point in Brazil.

Places of Experiences – Memories Cities


  • Lisbon
  • Al -Andaluz
    • Monte Redondo
    • Entradas – Castro Verde
    • São Bráz de Alportel


Cabo Verde

  • Cidade Velha de Cabo Verde


  • Ilha de Moçambique