MED The Museum Global Education and Cultural Diversity

The mission of MED is to contribute to the consolidation of sustainable communities through research, preservation, valorization and dissemination of Cultural Diversity through participatory processes of Global Education in learning and memory circles.


  • Promote communication processes in meeting places to develop critical thinking and stimulate actions of social innovation in the community.
    Valuing heritage through educational actions for cultural diversity, developing participatory actions.
  • Develop communication actions to value and preserve the memory and heritage of local communities through participatory processes
    To develop spaces for interaction between the community, promoting cultural actions of creation and enjoyment.
  • Respond to the challenges of the transition of the contemporary world through the reference and development of creative actions and cultural life


  • Promote the survey and diagnosis of the local heritage in an invested way.
    Create a digital museum with interactive collections on educational processes for cultural diversity.
  • Organize and promote exhibitions and events on cultural diversity and cultural creation that promote meeting, dialogue and bridging cultures.
    Organize and promote actions to promote cultural diversity and the enjoyment of the cultural heritage.
  • To create partnerships with public and private institutions within the scope of the museum’s objectives.


Art and Wine – memoirs

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