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Teeling Storis about cities

In this video works to promote the Apuan Riviera in Italy as a tourist destination, as part of the promotional campaign Apuan Riviera: Emotions on stage. Produced as an outcome of the Dance (Algo)rhythms activities of the Culture Moves project, this video showcases a video-mapping installation created by Studio RF that re-uses Europeana and other archival content alongside a related dance performance. It can be seen as an example of dance, digital content and tourism interacting to tell the story of a place. What do you notice about the interactions between dance and the digital in how it tells the story of the Apuan Rivera?

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Por Pedro Pereira Leite

Pedro Pereira Leite:
Guest Professor at Lusophone University where he is a member of the executive board of the UNITWIN Chair of UNESCO "Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity" (2018-2022). He has been a professor in the PhD and Master's programs in Museology since 2011. He is currently promoting the installation of the MED Museum of Global Education and Cultural Diversity, a program to include local knowledge and memories to create sustainable communities.
He is Member of the Direction of the International Movement for a New Museology (MINOM / ICOM). Integrates the member bodies of ICOM Portugal (2014 - 2020). He is part of several research networks and has collaborated with the UNESCO School Network and the Educating Cities Network in Portugal. It develops research activity in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and in Mozambique.
It maintains the research book Education, Citizenship and Cultural Diversity ( and Social Museology and Ecomuseus in Portugal (
Contact: /

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