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How to survive in Christmas- Storytelling

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The Power of Storytelling in Social Museums

This is a course that offers a methodology to tell socially relevant stories through community participation.

  • How do we tell powerful stories in museums?
  • Why and haw to use storytelling in museums?
  • What is social practice in the museum?

The course will provide a set of tools to tell stories in a cultural institution or in educational context.

It will be a journey through the recognition of social memory, common heritage. A path leading to the encounter.

We will travel from a meeting for self-recognition to discover what is in common with others to tell relevant stories.

With the tools developed during the course, each participant seeks to connect with the public and foster social change. A set of practical challenges will be launched through participatory methodologies. At the end, participants face the challenge of developing a relevant activity in their community.

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