Guinea-Bissau Museums (Chronicle of Guinea VIII)

On the seventh day in Bissau I visited the Ethnographic Museum of Guinea. Created in colonial times, mainly with wooden statuary of the Nadau people, it went through many vicissitudes. After independence, a display was made of the estate in Nigeria that did not return. In the civil war, the building housed the interior ministry and the pieces went to the Amílcar Cabral University.

Albano Mendes, the director expressed concerns about the future. He accompanied us on a visit to the two rooms of the museum. There is a lack of conservation, a lack of inventories, a lack of documentation. You have problems in the audiovisual area. In Guinea no training in heritage.

Museums in Guinea:

  • Military Museum,
  • Ethnographic Museum,
  • Cacheu Memorial.
  • Bafafá Museum.
  • Guleji Museum and Dombali Eco-Museum in National park.

Classified Natural Heritage
• Buê National Park
• Cantanhez National Park
• Dumboli National Park
• João Vieira and Poilão National Park
• Cufada Lagoon Natural Park
• Orange National Park
• Cacheu River Terrafe National Park

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