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Gypsies – From the other side of the River by Janita salomé

Gypsies From teh Other side of the River by Janita Salome

Like gypsies between south and travel across the river,
as the gypsies are from another side, our love is a bullet and a challenge.
And all lovers are Raians, like gypsies, in passing,
like gypsies.


Memory of a lost world

The COVID 19 Crisis in Creative Economy and Labor Solutions

educação patrimonial

Realty Check – The COVID Crisis

The COVID 17 crisis has a profound effect on everyday life around the world. In Portugal, as in most European countries, we live confined in our homes. Business, commerce, services have been severely affected. The citizen’s life started to be centered on his home. Around him, the restricted family nucleus. It was proved from contact with friends, from meeting with others.
At the same time, he was deprived of work. It is true that not everyone stopped working. But among the various sectors affected by the power outage are some service sectors.
Among health and social assistance services, in full load, perhaps even overloaded for obvious reasons; the security and emergency services, more vigilant of the so-called social peace and in the control of the state of emergency; education services, facing a troubled technological transition, however cut by the Easter period; to completely paralyzed services. Among the latter is culture.
When all cultural facilities are closed, without exception, whether public or private, a conclusion is inevitable: The services provided by culture seem irrelevant to the resolution of the COVID crisis 19.
Is this really the reality?

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