Bruno Latour – The Network Actor

Bruno Latour, born in France in 1947, with a background in anthropology and sociology, is known for his theory of network actor (ART) and for his argument that humans have not yet incorporated modernity. (We were never modern, 1991).

Although she has no work directly related to education, she has worked consistently and thoroughly on issues of science communication and how society appropriates scientific knowledge and scientific practices.

Latour’s work to understand how society appropriates science is quite marked by the idea of ​​transdisciplinary complexity. In the analysis work on the conditions of production of Latour Science describes the laboratory activities and their subsequent discussion of arguments between peers. According to Latour these results are “fabricated” based on the languages ​​and consensus of disciplinary practices based on a division between culture and nature.
This separation between human and nonhuman that Latour seeks to overcome.

Latour is thus at the forefront of a learning process that seeks to integrate human, social nature within the framework of environmental relations, in the understanding of different agencies.

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