Art Education – Ways of Feeling and Thinking the World

Each community has a set of knowledge and experiences to use to solve their problems of survival and enjoyment of nature (environment). In its general sense, education is a process of exchange of knowledge and experiences, in rules from older to younger generations, influenced by relationships and conditions with the environment and social formation, which generates behavioral change in individuals. and groups to ensure their reproduction.

Francisco Goya – The Saltimbancos Family . Museo del Prado, Madrid

Discussions about the principles and philosophy of education largely stem from the tension between social reproduction and social innovation. According to traditionalist perspectives, the educational function is within the scope of social reproduction for the new generations, and in the case of generational perspectives as a process or technique for correcting deviations or inappropriate ethical practices of a given society at any given time.

According to other precepts, more focused on innovation and social transformation, the function of education is a laboratory of social transformation. Starting from the principles of the essentialism of “human nature” (naturally good) and the maximization of advantages (the principle of solidarity), the realization of a social ideal implies the development of conditions for each individual, in freedom, to develop their creative potential.

The discussion on Art Education originated in Germany and England after the end of World War II, where the culture of peace asserts itself as a design and art as one of its instruments by cultivating the beauty and creativity of being. humans. These are concepts developed by Herbert Read and Viktor Lowenfelt, based on the mobilization of each other’s emotions, seeking creativity and imagination of each other’s personality, as an expression of singularities and their creation of group ties.

Herbert Read – Education throug Art

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