Walter Mignolo – The Decolonial Being

Walter Mignolo (1941) is an Argentine thinker who is one of the figures of decolonial thought, having founded the group Modernity and Decoloniality.

From the United States, he developed post-colonial and subaltern studies in the 1990s, together, seeking to establish the principles of a Latin American philosophy. Collaborates with Edmundo O’Gorman, Rodolfo Kusch, Leopoldo Zea and Enrique Dussel.

In his thesis on the European Renaissance, Mognolo argues that the other (colonized9 was silenced and unfeasible. This thesis will be the main argument of the group modernity / decoloniality a movement of South American intellectuals that includes Aníbal Quijano, Enrique Düssel, Arturo Escobar, Santiago Castro -Gómez, Edgardo Lander, etc. This group proposed the categories of analysis as “colonial difference”, frontier thinking, coloniality of being, the idea of ​​opposition between the North Atlantic and the South Atlantic.


  • The Darker Side of the Renaissance: Literacy, Territoriality, Colonization (1995).
  • • Local Histories / Global Designs: Coloniality. Subaltern Knowledges and Border Thinking (1999).
  • • The Idea of Latin America (2005).
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